Surfskate wheels are fins

Surfskate wheels are just like the fins in your surfboard. Wheels gives you the fin effect. There are so many wheels at the market that nobody can´t say what wheels are the best for your style. This picture helps you to understand the feeling of the surfskate wheels. You can also mix diffrent type of wheels to adjust the fin effect. Thank you Tres Quillas for feedback.

Diameter and Duro combos

I agree that and I used diffrent duro combos too. I use front 65mm80a and 69mm78a behind when carving and cutbacks. Use of harder wheels in front because in front you do not need so much grip. When slashing etc 62-63mm84a front and 62-63mm96a back is good combo. When pool or wave ramp, 63mm97a front and back or depend on style how to mix diffrent wheels. If you use right wheels it correlates the fins. That is why my tutorials are pointed to surfing For example here is my video of frontside slash. In water you cannot do a ”jump” when slashing. The wheels make the slash slide very similar to do surf slash and youdo no need to do a ”jump”.

Remember that there are 78a wheels at the market that do a huge sliding or maxium grip.

Core placement combo

Smaller wheels on the front (nose) works better than smaller wheels on the tail side (back). Also sideset back (tail) and centre set front works well but sideset front and centreset back do not work so well.

 Wheels -> Fins

  • Diameter -> Height
  • Widht -> Widht
  • Lip shape ->  Foil&flex
  • Bearing set -> Rake
  • Duro-> Play

Surfskate wheels are surfboards fins

If you wanna read more about surfboards fins click here. You can change the blog language clicking here. You can find my videos at Youtube.

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