Hamboards Huntington HOP surfskate + Waterborne rail adapter + TKP

90´s is back! This was my first feeling when I tested my setup. Not only that I wear a college that I bought from Fuerteventura surf trip 1998. Also I wear a original 90´s tall ones skateshoes and snow washed jeans. The rail adapted HOP complete surf feeling is the same what you get when surfing a performance midlenght egg shape surfboard in classy waves.

drop knee turmisThe board setup is awesome. The Waterborne rail adapter + tkp truck are installed to the tail of the Hamboards Huntington HOP 45″ surfskate. The front truck is HST-200. Setup makes the board handle totally diffrent style and ride. You can easily do roundhouse cutbacks or training 90´s down carve surfing and drop knee. They said that down carve surfing is the new air reverse. Check out the youtube video under. It is pure 90´s style. Try to take a look for the 90´s surfstance and down carves with coffee cup & nose to the beach technics. Video is inspirated from my 90´s surf&skate longboarding like x-step turns and round houses. You can train stylish drop knee also, see the pic. Click here if you wanna see the video directly in the youtube.

You can buy Hamboard HOP 45″ with rail adapter and TKP backtruck complete setup 329e from Offshore. We have performance midlenght and egg shape 7´2 surfboards too from 485e with fins.

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