Konvoi snowsurf Trou 153cm review

The Konvoi snowsurf Trou 153cm model came to me 12.12.22 just before we get the first powder dumb here in Pirkanmaa. Since then I have been riding that board in many conditions like powder to heavy snow from Tampere to Lapland.

Outline and shapes

The Trou board outline have a spoon nose and a moon tail combinated to mild tapershape and quite rad (directional) sidecut what you do not usually see at snowsurfs. Konvoi do not publish the exact measurements of these details. The 3D base shapes are spoon noseconvex to triplechannel to convex tail. The tree channels are located in the middle of your feet stance, just like the rocker point is designed to. The nose is made by a rocker shape. The rocker intensifies towards the tail. The triple rail channels are mild in the middle and very sharp in the rail side. They make the board feel like a surfboard with fins, normally the snowsurfs feels like alaia surfboards. The tree channels gives you a neutral control. The board do not slip side to side. The heavier the snow is the more you feel the channels ”fin efect” control. End of the second video you can see how the channels press marks to the snow and how the sharp railchannels mark the lines to the snow. These features you will find in all Konvoi snowsurfboards.

The ride and the control

At the very first ride on the board feels a little difficult. It is totally different than everything else board I have ridden. You should know how to handle that board. Basics like glide turn to turn are easy so the model is suitable for beginners too. If you do a radical pow carving, you do have to push it hard and be well prepared to the next turn. The tail rocker and the convex shape together makes the board lean a lot of during end of the turn. This is the point where you need skills because the board shooted you to the next turn. You get easily find yourself flying in powder without the board. That happens to me many times in the very first days after I learned a couple things. You need to move your stance location a little forwarded. Specially when you get more speed you need to adjust the backfoot a little forwarded. The board is not back foot oriented. You can ride the board from the tail but then you need to have a good technique.

konvoi snowsurf

Control the Trou board you need to use more upper body and less backfoot. Also you need to lift your weight a little forwarded at te begin of the turn. Timing decompress and compress is very important to learn. Down at the end of the turn to absorb the G forces. Same time the front foot guides the direction of the turn. That same skills Kelly Slater use when he do that frontside cutback where everyone reconize the Kelly style. When you learn this technique, the board gives you the rad carving abilities experience. The sharp rail channels gives you fin effect so you can do carving in hard packed snow too. I have ridden the board urban conditions like hard snow plus only 5cm of fresh snow on. You can easily turn that board without slip the turn. That kinda urban spots are Näsinkallio and Pispala located in Tampere. It is pure fun to make a slashs and pump the turns in that kinda conditions and then get to local sauna.

snowsurf urban spot

local snowsurf spot





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