VANS Standard Snow MTE

VANS powder surfer boots txt & youtube review

Boots has a great sole. The sole grip is awesome on all surfaces. Even on the snowpacked EVA pads on snowsurfboards. The board feel is superb, thanks for the flexy and flat sole. Heel do not lift in these shoes. The shoes are mainly waterproof.

The main problem is the shoe lace flap. It reduces comfort a lot and makes your feet feel cold in that point. The flap is contacted to your socks. The innershoe is open at the front of the shoe laces so you can feel the cold flap. When tightening the shoe the flap rubbing your feet. When hiking the snow can get inside to your shoes via lace flap. That happen couple times to me when I was snowsurfing and hiking many hours. The shoes are not light but not too heavy. There are lighter snowsurf boots on the market if you prefer lighter.

To me the non slippery sole and the feel of board is the most important things. If you use these shoes in your small local hills and do not have to hike a lot then these shoes are your choice. If you travel a lot to seek snowsurf spots or hike a lot when snowsurfing then other shoes are your choice. If you decide to order these boots my opinion is to order UK 0.5 smaller than your normal EUR size number is. I tried my normal shoe number and the heel lifted up. Right fit size and that not happen. The test version of shoes was right size (-0.5).




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