Miller Skateboards Goes Tokyo

World Championships of Park Skateboarding by Kote Olaskoaga. Photos by and copyrights Bryce Kanights.


We’ve actually received the best news from China, where the first official contest/ World Championships of skateboarding has been celebrated last week. Thus the oficial Skateboarding world ranking has been created, which will indicate the beggining of the classification for the Olympic games starting next january 2019 .That’s been the main startgate for Skateboarding to be considered as official sports discipline for a first time at the Olympic games Tokio 2020.The event was held at Nanjing, China where therefore has been buit the first oficial Olympic skatepark of the history.

The contest gathered the best 72 men from 23 different nationalities, and there was a classification where the best 26 riders would move forward the semi-finals. Once at semi finals, where these 26 riders had to compete also to the top 6 classified of the Vans park series Circuit, a rough Semifinal with awesome performances and extreme risk started.On the 5th round Jaime dropped in performing a solid repertory which granted him a great first 76,02 points round, that incredible battle took him into the finals classified in a brilliant 6th Place.

Jaime Mateu Rider from MILLER TEAM was 6th classified, performing three amazingly fast rounds pulling off incredible oliie-transfers everywhere the way he knows, reason to the whole Skateboarding community and its most famous personalities to be focused on his moves lately.

Once at the finals where the first 8 riders battled among themselves with incredible rounds, Jaime Mateu nailed an historic 80,5points round, pulling a crazy and spontaneus tricks round where he delighted the audience doing 360 transfers,alley ups, and that incredible indy nosebone to falie from the top of the biggest Wall which stunned every witness up there, to end up with a top speed switchstance carve linked to a frontside halfcab blunt when there was just 1 second remaining. Pure artistic madness!!

That awesome performance took him to the 4th place at the new Worldwide ranking and just 1 point to score the pódium this time.So here’s the classification after the Naijing Contest.

1º Pedro Barros BRASIL

2º Heimana Reynolds USA

3º Keegan Palmer AUSTRAILIA


Also remarkable was another MILLER TEAM Rider’s performance, with just 11 years old Ian Ponciano who reached a meritory 34th place. After that brilliant show, Jaime Mateu is much closer to represent SPAIN in the next Tokyo Olympic games 2020. Congratulations Jaime Mateu. RAD!!!

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